The Different Types of Law One Can Study

There are many different fields of law, but one of the most commonly known is legal studies. The field is highly organized and includes a variety of institutions and systems. Many students choose to specialize in a particular area of law. Some choose criminal law, while others opt for a family law specialty. Whatever the area, law graduates can look forward to working closely with families. Below are some common areas of law.

Most law schools’ first year curriculums are highly structured, and typically include topics such as civil procedure, jurisdiction, standing to sue, pretrial procedure, and litigation. Students will also learn about case distinctions, constitutional rights, and enforceable promises. Some schools will even give their students an opportunity to work for real-life clients through a pro bono program. Most law schools will also include a capstone project, requiring students to research their area of interest in depth.

Bachelor of Laws – Also known as a Bachelor of Arts in Law, this degree prepares graduates for the bar exam. It can take up to three years to complete, and is often the first step in a career in the legal industry. Then, students 52av can take additional training to become a practicing lawyer. The different types of law one can study depends on the country. Some countries offer Bachelor of Laws (LLB), while others offer Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees. Some universities differentiate between BA and LLB Law programs, with the former focusing more on the academic side of law, while the latter involves other subjects such as humanities.

A Master of Laws is designed for practicing attorneys, but students can also earn it if they wish to teach the subject. This degree is not as common as an LL.M., and only eight schools offer it. Many LL.M. programs are now offered online. Online programs include Stetson University’s LL.M. in Advocacy and Elder Law. However, law is a very broad field and students should consider other types of law as well.

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