Where is Artificial Intelligence Applied?

Artificial intelligence has many uses and applications today. Its capabilities are suited for analysing vast data sets and making logical connections. In fact, you’ve probably already come across applications of artificial intelligence in your daily life. From search engines to personalisation of news feeds, from machine learning to internet searches, AI is powering many industries today. From smart energy management systems to voice search on smartphones, AI is a powerful tool for businesses to make better decisions.

It can help to reduce fraud and filter spam. For example, AI can be used in email spam filtering and smart categorization. For example, in Gmail, for example, the program is able to identify suspicious emails and determine whether they are spam or not. Other applications include smart thermostats that adapt to the needs of their owners and optimize heating and cooling, smart cities that regulate traffic for improved connectivity and less congestion. Self-driving cars already incorporate AI-powered safety features and the EU has even funded research into a new type of sensor called VI-DAS, which can detect accidents and dangerous situations. AI systems can also detect and backtrack cyber attacks.

The use of AI in transportation has been around for decades. The New York Times reports that Boeing planes have up to seven minutes of human-steered flight time in their routine, which is usually reserved for takeoff and landing. With self-driving cars and ride-sharing services, AI has the potential to drastically reduce commuting times. In cities, smart traffic lights could cut wait times by up to 40%, and improve the overall commute by up to 26% nameviser

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