6 Reasons to Buy Cool Mist Humidifiers

In the past couple of years our focus on “good air” has intensified. More than ever before we seek out filters and ventilation to help with all kinds of health concerns and conditions.

We all experience dry air from running our central heat in the winter, allergies in the springtime, skin conditions and trouble sleeping from time to time. Dry air can even affect the quality of your home decor! The good news is there is something that can help. Let’s talk about the six main reasons to buy cool mist humidifiers.


If you suffer from any type of allergy, you understand how difficult it can be to breathe in dry air. A cool mist humidifier will increase the humidity in the air, making it easier for allergy sufferers and those with asthma to catch a breath.

There is no reason to suffer from dry and scratchy air. An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier can give a lot of comfort by making it much easier to breathe inside the home, especially overnight. Not to mention that being able to breathe easier makes for a more restful sleep.

Better Sleep

Humidity produced by an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier works by eliminating dry nasal passages. Helping you breathe inevitably helps you fall asleep easier. YOu can also add some lavender essential oils to help you create a calming atmosphere.

More importantly, once you fall asleep you won’t be woken up with dry and scratchy nostrils. This allows for a more restful and consistent sleep throughout the night. Who doesn’t feel better after an amazing night’s sleep?

Cold and Flu
There is no escaping this one for any of us. We all get a cold or the flu at some point during the year. The cooling mist will help with decongestion and cough. You can even add essential oils to enhance the benefits.

The cooling mist helps loosen the mucus in your throat and sinuses so that your cough can effectively do what it is supposed to do – clear out the bad stuff. Aiding with the cold symptoms themselves and helping you get a restful sleep will speed up the recovery time.

Skin Health

Here is a benefit you might not expect from a cool mist humidifier – skin health. That’s right, not only can humidity from this type of device help your nose breathe, it can help your skin too!

In much the same way as cool mist humidity benefits dry nostrils, it benefits dry and itchy skin as well. Depending on the level of skin discomfort you are experiencing, a cool mist humidifier’s intensity can be adjusted as needed for your personal comfort.

Your skin issues may even be caused by the condition of the air in your home. For example, if your skin is parched, it may be due to the dry air in your home. Did you know that chapped lips are caused by dry air? Skip the chapstick, because once you try a cool mist humidifier, it’s possible your skin issues will disappear as quickly as your dry air.

Home and Furniture

Even if you have no allergies, skin conditions or trouble falling asleep, the dry air in your home could be responsible for other issues. We often don’t think of how dry air can damage certain materials in our home.

If you have hardwood floors then dry air could definitely be an enemy. A healthy balance between heavy moisture and dry and scratchy air can be achieved with a cool mist humidifier.

If you have leather in your home, like a gorgeous sectional or recliner, you may want to get a cool mist humidifier.  They can help combat damage from happening by keeping the moisture level regulated.

Daily Life

Living in a very dry climate, as well as having dry air inside your home, can compound health and damage issues caused by dry air. This is where a cool mist humidifier can help.

Although it can’t cure the common cold or save all of your problems, adding a healthy amount of moisture back into your air is beneficial in so many ways.

You may have resigned yourself to thinking nothing could help alleviate any of your health conditions or irritations, but now you know there is something you can try that will improve your daily life.

It may be difficult to believe that an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier can do all that and more, but it can. Many people benefit from using one in the home, and these are the main reasons you should try one. We are not able to control everything we breathe when we are out in the environment. That is why it’s even more important to regulate our air at home where we can benefit the most.

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