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Facial augmentation surgery

The front part of the face refers to the nose, under the eyes, and around the lips. If this part of the face is too flat The page will look dimensional, flat, and the face will look long too. Most of these cases will be resolved with fat grafting. But if the fat heals the tissue less and wants to add more volume Prosthesis augmentation is another effective method.

It is not difficult to insert the prosthesis through the wound in the mouth. and there were no visible injuries on the outside. The result lasts longer than the fat injection method. It is one of the surgical procedures that help make the face look more beautiful without scars.

  1. Chin augmentation surgery ดึงหน้า

Short chin means the tip of the chin is bent downward or inwardly collapsed. make the chin look short His chin and neck were clearly inseparable, his mouth protruding, his face gloomy and gloomy. Most of the problems are divided according to occlusal teeth. If the teeth are normal or if there is only a problem with the tip of the chin tilted downwards Can be corrected with chin augmentation surgery. but if there is an abnormal occlusal Short chin due to abnormal jaws must be corrected with jaw surgery After chin augmentation surgery Your face will look brighter and more believable.

chin augmentation surgery A 3 cm long incision will be made to the epithelium inside the mouth of the chin, and the membranes will be removed as necessary. Then the prosthesis is inserted. Or cut off the chin bone and slide it out and hold the bone.

Method for chin augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation with prosthesis

If the chin is not very short The chin can be augmented with prosthetics such as gore-tex or silicone. to enlarge the chin or change the position of the chin

  1. Incision at the end of the chin 2 – 3 cm long.

2.Remove the membranous to make space, then the prosthesis is inserted.

  1. Sew the wound

chin fat injection

Absorb excess fat from the thighs, buttocks or abdomen and inject it all over the chin area.

  1. Suck the excess fat from the thighs, bottom, or abdomen and filter it to remain pure fat.
  2. Fat injection at the tip of the chin without scars.

Correction of a short chin with bone shift

Cut the chin bone and slide it forward. The length of the chin is controlled according to the angle of the cut bone, so it looks natural.

  1. Incision at the end of the chin 2 – 3 cm long.
  2. Remove the bone marrow. Cut the chin bone as planned.
  3. Slide the cut bone forward as needed.
  4. Fix the bone and suture the wound with dissolved silk.


“Gum” helps to concentrate more!?

We usually chew gum instead of brushing our teeth to get rid of bad breath. Or chewing to relieve excitement, sleepiness, sometimes chewing because the mouth is empty. Sir Alex Ferguson, former football manager of Manchester United in the United Kingdom of England. Always chew gum while watching every match to help improve concentration and mental stability.

In fact, research has found that Chewing gum improves concentration and thinking 10 percent faster because it stimulates blood flow. Allows more oxygen and nutrients to be sent to the brain. But if chewing gum for a long time, it may cause the jaw joint to work harder, the jaw muscles getting bigger. When you bite your teeth, you can see the bulging muscles coming out of your molar teeth.

In the case of an adult whose bone has stopped growing It can cause the face to become square in children whose body has not stopped growing. It may make the bones bigger. Therefore, be careful not to chew gum for more than 10 minutes and do not chew gum often. in order not to burden the jaw joints with heavy loads

jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is surgery to correct abnormal jawbones and problems such as protruding chin, protruding mouth, crooked face, etc. Patients who need jaw surgery because they feel that the face is wrong often have teeth problems, such as abnormal occlusal teeth, errors. normal to chew or speak which is caused by abnormalities of the jaw joint

Orthognathic surgery not only solves the problem of jaw joint deformities. and teeth only But it also gives excellent results in the beauty of the face as well. Because in this era, people are popular with a small face and pointed chin like a celebrity. until it is popularly called “Star-like surgery” surgery to move the lower jaw is done through an incision inside the mouth, which is divided into 2 methods: SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy) and IVRO (Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy). IVRO is used to solve problems. The chin protrudes without burdening the jaw joint. It is effective for people with jaw joint problems. SSRO method is the most popular, safe and has advantages that reduce the burden of physical therapy and dental braces.

In the event that an orthopedic surgery is required

  1. Long face. Long faces may be caused by a long chin. and often have a protruding mouth or a protruding chin This case can be corrected with jaw surgery. Reduce the length of the jaw that makes the face long. and adjust to fit the upper jaw The length of the face is halved.
  2. Chin protrusion: The protruding chin is caused by the lower molar teeth that are positioned in front of the upper molar teeth. and the chin can also be divided according to the length of the face Both the chin protrudes normally. long chin and a short front chin The reason why the chin protrudes from the lower jaw is growing more than usual. Or it may be caused by the upper jaw not growing. or caused by a combination of both causes
  3. Short chin Short chin with teeth problems and protruding upper jaw. Usually caused by a smaller lower jaw than normal, the mouth looks protruding and has difficulty chewing.
  4. Crooked face

If the lower jaw is distorted The face is often distorted. and have to wait until the jaw is fully grown before surgery can be corrected There are cases where the face is skewed because the lower jaw is only skewed. or caused by a distorted upper jaw

  1. Mouth protruding

If there is a problem with the mouth that does not close completely Or the nose looks low despite having a prominent nose and deep wrinkles in the cheek groove. It is called a protruding mouth problem. when using a ruler to place the tip of the nose and chin will be overlapped on the lips as well

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