Is Law School Overrated?

Is law school overrated? That is the question that many prospective students have, but there are also valid reasons to choose a different field. For one, law degrees tend to get a bad rap these days. Many people attend law school with little idea of what lawyering entails and then realize they’re not the right fit. On the other hand, educated students are aware of the demands and responsibilities that come with being a lawyer, and they take the necessary steps to become a successful lawyer.

The first reason why many people choose law school is because it is an intensely competitive environment. Not only do you compete with other students on exams, but you will also have to deal with a lot of public criticism. This can be extremely stressful, but focusing on practical skills and bar exam preparation can help you overcome this. Although law school can be challenging, it is not unfriendly. You should not let this discourage you from succeeding.

Despite the overblown statistics, the reality is that law school is still a great choice for many people. The cost of attending law school isn’t low, and there are several reasons to consider it for a career change. Some people don’t get the career they want, so going to law school is an affordable and rewarding way to advance your career. And, if the job market is sluggish, law school can be a great fallback option.

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