What Are Google Apps for Education?

What are Google Apps for education? is an online suite of productivity tools for teachers, students, and school staff. These apps give teachers unlimited storage space, integration with other Google Apps services, and advanced management and reporting capabilities. They include Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Classroom. Google Classroom enables educators to create classes, distribute assignments, and receive feedback on students’ work. Teachers can also use Google Calendar to create, share, and edit calendar events.

Centennial’s Google Apps for Education account is part of the district’s internet and computer system. If a student misuses the service, the school administrator may suspend his or her account. If necessary, the school will notify parents of the suspension. Besides blocking access to other users’ information, administrators also monitor the use of Google Apps for education. The program meets federal and state privacy standards, so it’s safe for your child.

Google Drive is a cloud storage service, which allows users to store up to 30 gigabytes of data. Students and teachers can edit documents simultaneously and collaborate online. Google Drive also offers tools to help teachers make online learning materials available. Students can use Google Drive applications to create word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents. All files are automatically saved in the ‘cloud’ and are available from any location with an Internet connection.

Google Apps for education include a number of Google products, including Gmail, Drive, and Docs. These tools encourage collaboration between teachers and students and allow for seamless sharing of documents and projects. Students can work on projects and collaborate on documents without the need for WiFi access. Teachers can also embed multiple choice tests on Google Sites. In addition, all documents are automatically saved so they can be edited anywhere, no matter where they are.

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