Which Countries Have the Best AI Technology?

When it comes to AI, which countries have the most talent? China is getting bad press in the west, while India is a perennial favourite. Yet there are a number of factors that influence which countries have the best AI talent. For one thing, the number of AI software developers is relatively small compared to the global workforce. That means demand is higher than supply, driving wages upwards. Also, China has a relatively low unemployment rate, which makes it easier for startups to attract talent.

The Netherlands is an excellent example of a country with a large AI talent pool. With a progressive tax system and a large English-speaking population, the Netherlands is a startup mecca in Europe. In October, the government released a national strategy for AI. The Dutch AI ecosystem is diverse and has been attracting investment since the mid-2000s. While its AI ecosystem is small, it has a vibrant AI industry and is home to some of the most innovative startups in the world.

Japan is another country with a strong AI innovation base. After Canada, Japan is considered to be the world’s leader in robotics today. It was the second country after the US to adopt a national AI strategy. Japan’s AI strategy focuses on health, mobility, and productivity. The UK also leads the way with its deep learning research, which is used to predict the weather. And, of course, the UK has some of the best AI technology in the world.

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